Wood Doors & Aluminum Doors

The Garage Door Man has everything you need for a gorgeous, secure and perfectly functioning garage door.

Specializing in both wood and aluminum models, you’ll find a wide selection in every style and with all types of features. Whether you prefer a classic wooden door to complement your Victorian dream home or a contemporary aluminum model that’s just as sleek as your updated décor, The Garage Door Man has the perfect match for you.

We offer the best garage door manufacturers and models at the most competitive prices in Utah.

See the Amarr line of products.
See the 1st United Door line of products.

From big name brands boasting a solid reputation for decades to “boutique” options that include specialist manufacturers, we blend quality and quantity when building our inventory. Plus, our selection is constantly updated to keep pace with the trends of today.

No matter what your style is or the type of garage door you have in mind, if The Garage Door Man doesn’t have it, you don’t want it.

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Bells and Whistles

In addition to the biggest selection of garage doors in town, we also have all the bells and whistles (or in this case nuts and bolts) to keep your garage door fully functioning year-round. That's why we offer 24-hour, around the clock support. What happens if a car drives through your garage door in the middle of the night (it happens) and your garage houses some seriously costly equipment? You don't want to risk waiting until morning.

Specializing in springs, which is the crux of your garage door security, our skilled technicians always have the products and tools on hand to keep you, your family and your belongings safe. From manufacturer's screws to warranty equipment like tracks and rollers, we know there's more to an overhead door than meets the eye.

Every piece needs to be of the highest quality to ensure your investment stays in great shape for many years to come. Call The Garage Door Man today at (801) 356-6020 to schedule your consultation!

Looking for Something Special?

Garage doors take up some major real estate, and you deserve to make a statement. Whether your taste runs posh or a you like to fit in, you can rest assured that each option in our inventory isn't just a showstopper, but is built to last.

Don't settle for anything less when it comes to the products that serve as an entryway and barrier to your home. There's a lot at stake-like all those valuables in the garage, home and your family's peace of mind. The right garage doors and products can maximize your protection-and look good doing it.