Garage Door Opener in Orem & Salt Lake City, UT areas

Losing your garage door opener is like losing your TV remote (multiplied many times over). Whether it's broken, lost or just not functioning like it used to, this isn't just an annoyance-it can also be very dangerous. Around the country, police are getting reports of stolen garage door openers from cars. Once a thief has the equivalent of a key, your property is fair game. It's pretty easy to figure out where a car is garaged, especially if it's parked out front or the registration is kept in the glove box.
Even if your opener isn't stolen, losing it can essentially be the equivalent of locking yourself out of your own home.  Many people don't carry house keys since they consider their garage their entryway to the home.  Losing this easy access to your garage door wastes your time and it also seriously impacts the safety of you and your possessions.

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There's No Such Thing as "Good Enough"

Sometimes garage door openers start acting up. Maybe they were damaged, they're just worn out or they're so old that they're not functioning as well as they used to. If this is the case, it may be possible to repair them or-even better-replace them with one of the latest models. At The Garage Door Man, we know how important your opener is. This isn't a Nintendo cartridge that requires you to know the secret pattern of shaking and blowing to get it to work. What if you had to open or close the door in an emergency?

Maybe you're rushing to the hospital but can't get your car out of the garage because the opener isn't responding. Perhaps you forgot your keys inside and really need to get into the garage-as a means of getting to the restroom after a particularly long commute and extra big coffee. It doesn't matter why you're in a hurry. This is your home, your garage and your "key," so you deserve total functionality at all times.

Get in a Better Position Today

Stop putting off fixing or replacing that garage door opener. If it's an emergency, such as when you strongly suspect the opener was stolen, The Garage Door Man provides emergency services. Even if you're about to leave for a vacation and need service immediately, we've got your back. There's nothing worse than worrying about someone having access to your home while you should be kicking back and enjoying your holiday.

At The Garage Door Man, we've seen it all, fixed it all and heard every story you could imagine. Think your garage door opener tale is going to take the cake? Try us and you'll be surprised how many of your Utah neighbors have found themselves in similar, sticky situations.