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The springs of your garage door are easily one of the first things to wear out and one of the first items that need repair or replacing. The good news is that they're fairly easy for a pro to replace and are very affordable. The bad news is that too many people wait too long to address this issue. When it's "just" the garage door springs that need some servicing, it's not a big deal-but if left untreated, it can lead to much more serious (and expensive) issues. That's why regular maintenance inspections are so important.

While many avid DIYers want to check and repair springs for themselves, that can be a dangerous approach. Different garage doors have different springs and systems in place. Just because you grew up swapping out your family's old school single panel garage door springs doesn't mean it's going to be the same with the new high tech model you installed.

Considering the relative low cost and fast turnaround time of spring replacements and repairs, it's best to just leave it to an expert.

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Spring(s) Break

Most of the time, garage door springs don't suddenly snap. They wear down over time and that can be exacerbated by excessive use or if the tracks/rollers go off kilter. However, there's usually warning signs in place-but they may not be obvious to the homeowner. There are certainly times when you can actually see the springs are worn down; they could start creaking or your garage door could stop fluidly opening and closing. Other times the symptoms of springs gone bad are virtually invisible.

The Garage Door Man is always on call in case of an emergency. Maybe you never noticed the loud complaints coming from the springs because you blast the stereo in the car the second you get behind the wheel. Maybe you've become accustomed to that shaky "opening" of the doors and think it's normal. Mistakes and oversights happen, but The Garage Door Man is always up for a rescue.

Perfect Matches

Another reason you shouldn't try to repair or replace springs yourselves is because of how tough it can be to get the right parts. Not all springs are created equally, and getting the right ones for your garage door is crucial. At The Garage Door Man, we're all about making sure you get the highest quality for the most affordable price. What's the point in saving 25 percent on a spring if it's phenomenally lower quality and bound to break in a few months?

We've been serving our Utah residents for well over 15 years and we've seen you go through all kinds of springs. There have been some mighty impressive breaks, but there's never been anything we can't handle.