Garage Door Repair in Orem & Salt Lake City, UT areas

You don't realize how vulnerable your home or business is until you're in dire need of garage door repairs. This is the largest entryway to your property, and the garage itself can house incredibly valuable and expensive equipment. Consider everything you keep in your home garage from recreational "toys" like ATVs to skis and those irreplaceable family albums or holiday ornaments. Of course, your cars are also kept there, perhaps with some state of the art sound systems or princely golf clubs in the trunk.

Commercial property owners might have it even worse with inventory or extremely high end equipment such as construction machinery stored in garages. Let's face it-your garage is home base for some of the most expensive items you own. Plus, many garages lead directly into your home or business with only a thin interior door standing between the two. A lot of the time these doors are left unlocked or don't have an alarm system attached to them.

When you need garage door repairs, you need them now.

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The Garage Door Man Can

Of course there's around the clock emergency services for plumbing and disaster cleanup, but what about for garage door repairs? Unfortunately, many garage servicers don't offer non-stop support. But at The Garage Door Man we know that's not the case. Maybe you don't realize your garage door is busted until Thanksgiving Day when you're about to head out for a five-hour trip through the woods to Grandma's house.

No matter what the emergency, the date or the time of day, we're on call to make sure your property stays secure. Whether this means replacing a part, creating a safe alternative until your new garage door arrives or missing turkey and stuffing ourselves, we're happy to be at your service no matter what. Our customers are our neighbors, and safety always comes first. Call us today at (801) 356-6020 to learn more about our garage door services and repair offerings.

Repairs Before Replacement

The good news is that, if caught early, repairs to garage doors are often an option well before replacing the entire door. However, to really maximize this option, routine maintenance is a wise idea. If you wait until repairs are obvious, it might be too late. Something as seemingly minor as a spring on its last bounce can lead to disaster if left unattended for too long. But don't worry, we don't expect you to be pros at this.

That's why in addition to servicing 24/7, The Garage Door Man offers routine checks at a competitive price. Stay ahead of the curve with one or two checkups throughout the year and you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing you're doing everything possible to prevent repairs and replacements, or at least save money when the time comes.