Avoid Winter Garage Door Repair

Winter Garage Door Repair

It’s expected that at some point you’ll need garage door repair, but what if you could identify and address problems before repairs are necessary?

Replacing parts before they wear out and cause damage is a lot safer and more affordable than repairing a major issue. Winter is an especially busy season for garage door repair specialists, because your doors are feeling the freezing temperatures just like you.

After all, your garage door is constantly facing the elements, and it’s usually the No. 1 way you enter and exit your home.

A garage door’s moving parts are unsurprisingly the ones that wear out the quickest. Lifelong garage door parts don’t exist, but if you stay on top of maintenance with checks (from a professional and yourself), you can catch problems before they get out of control.

September is the perfect time to schedule a garage door services check and re-commit to DIY monthly checks, too.

Common Cold Weather Complaints

Having too much grease along the door’s tracks is more common in winter than any other season. With too much lubrication, the rollers can get out of alignment, and this makes it difficult to open and close doors.

Of course, tracks need some grease, so it’s about finding the right balance. If you notice your doors making noise or not opening/closing smoothly, check the grease first, as this is often an easy fix.

Temperature swings means contractions, and metal (just like wood) can and will contract a little in freezing temperatures. Your door is rich with metals, from the springs and screws to perhaps the door itself!

You can’t stop your door’s parts from contracting, but adding lubrication to these areas can help. Liberally apply it to springs, screw drives and torsion ball bearings. However, keep clear of the tracks unless they need it (otherwise, you might be facing that overly lubed track problem).

Garage Door Repairs: At Your Service

Grease and lube also has a tendency to thicken in the winter. Grease is designed to work well in hot environments, which is why it’s so popular in engines, but it’s not as happy in colder weather. Keep an eye on old grease and remove it if and when it hardens, then replace it with a silicone-based option to ensure less hardening in the winter.

Take this month to also check the security of your garage doors, testing to make sure they stop and/or reverse direction if an object is in the way.

Some homeowners team up with their garage door services company, working in tandem to catch potential problems before they get out of hand. It’s a smart approach, but you also can count on a professional for semi-annual maintenance checks.

Call the Garage Door Man now and schedule your autumn garage door repair prevention appointment.