The Benefits of Garage Door Windows

How functional is your garage? Does it work well for parking your car? Is it a storage unit? Maybe it’s your workshop, or your kid’s bike track, or an art studio. Your garage can serve many different functions, and it should work exactly as you need it. Your garage can evolve over time to respond to the needs of you and your family. Perhaps in a few years, the sports equipment storage will become more important than parking your cars inside. When kids move out you can finally clear out all that extra storage in the garage to use for a mini-workshop. It all depends on what you need.

Garage Door Man loves to make garages more functional and even pleasant for owners. We want your garage to meet your needs exactly, and become more than just a parking spot or a drop zone.

Garage Door Man works with customers to create solutions for your garage door that will make it the perfect spot for whatever your home may need. Adding windows is one of our favorite ways to customize your garage, and we’re here to tell you why.

  • Light. The first and most obvious benefit of garage door windows is that they add increased light to the usually dim garage space. Have you ever tried to locate a dropped screw or discarded shoe in the sad lighting of a garage? It’s a challenge. No matter how you use your garage, increased light is the very best way to upgrade the space. Better lighting makes your garage feel more spacious, welcoming, and cheerful. It can help with whatever activities you need to accomplish in your garage as well.
  • Functionality. Garage door windows can help make your garage more functional all day and year round. Your kids can still ride bikes in there in the winter without having to open the big garage door. You can work on projects or clean out your car without needing a flashlight during daylight hours.
  • Safety. Increased lighting can also keep your garage space from becoming a comfy spot for pests and rodents who prefer dark corners. Light can also prevent mold and help show the buildup of dust and spiderwebs before they grow out of control.
  • Curb Appeal. It’s undeniable that garage doors with windows simply look better than standard garage doors. The windows provide a level of sophistication and curb appeal that looks more luxurious and expensive, even though garage door windows are affordable. This small upgrade can make a big difference in home appearance and value, as well as helping you stand out in the housing market.

If you’ve been considering a garage upgrade, we highly suggest the easy and transformative choice of garage door windows. This simple change can make all the difference in your garage door’s functionality, and there are options for every budget. Start by calling our garage door experts today to discuss garage door options that will work for you.


The Pros and Cons of Epoxy Garage Floors

Fancy flooring isn’t just for car dealership showrooms and million dollar homes. Any homeowner can enjoy the luxury and beauty of an epoxy coated floor for their garage. From simple epoxy coatings that you can do-it-yourself in a weekend, to professionally completed stunning garage floors that look like they’re out of a magazine. Have you ever considered this type of upgrade for your garage?

Garage Door Man knows all there is to know about garages, from doors to windows, to floors, we can help you determine exactly what you need to make your garage work for you. Today we’re covering the pros and cons of getting the showroom look of an epoxy coating on your garage floor.

Epoxy Garage Floors

An epoxy coating is a popular treatment for a luxury garage or showroom. It provides a coating for the concrete garage floor that provides better traction and protection against oil and other spills. Colors and patterns can be customized, and even the surface style can be catered to the way you use your garage. There are epoxy flooring kits you can buy at your local home improvement store to complete yourself, or you can hire professional contractors to upgrade your garage floor.

Pros of Epoxy Garage Floors

  • Resistance to Spills: one of the primary reasons you see epoxy floor coatings in auto body shops, showrooms, and even hospitals is because epoxy flooring is very resistant to oil, bleach, gas, cleansers, and even bacteria.
  • Enhances Concrete: another major benefit to epoxy garage floor coatings is that they enhance your concrete flooring. Your concrete garage floor is susceptible to water, oil, cracks, and abrasions. Adding an epoxy coating can protect the concrete and make maintenance much easier.
  • Appearance: It’s hard to beat the look of a glossy and stylish epoxy coating in your garage. It’s a fast way to make your garage more modern, luxurious, and even brighter since epoxy flooring reflects more light. If you spend lots of time in your garage, it’s a no brainer.

Cons of Epoxy Garage Floors

  • Preparation: without a doubt, the worst thing about epoxy coatings for your garage is the extensive preparation it takes to begin the process. The concrete garage floor has to be meticulously cleaned and prepared with various chemicals. It’s hard work, and not everyone is up for it.
  • Intense Process: after the preparation, the process of applying an epoxy coating to your concrete garage floor is intense. Many specialized and expensive products need to be used, and proper ventilation for the strong fumes is required. Carefully completing each step is vital to the success of the project, and it can take days. If you’re looking to DIY this epoxy garage floor you should do plenty of research into the process to determine if you can handle it.
  • Slippery When Wet: Like many plasticized floor coatings, epoxy flooring in your garage can become very slippery when wet. This can be a problem if you live in a wet or snowy state, but you can always add texture as part of the process if desired.

For your garage questions and needs, call us at Garage Door Man!


How To Prevent Garage Door Rust

One reality of our garage doors is that most of them are steel, with steel hardware and mechanisms. The great thing about steel garage doors and mechanisms is that they’re durable, hardworking, and lightweight, making them an excellent material for a garage door. One drawback about steel garage doors and mechanisms is the inevitability of rust. Rust can commonly accumulate on your steel garage door panels or garage door mechanisms due to moisture or age.

Have you noticed rust anywhere in your garage? Maybe it’s time to check. As we come out of the winter months and into spring and summer, you may find rust has begun to appear due to the moisture in your garage during the winter and wet spring we’ve had.

Garage Door Man is here today to share our expertise in the field of garage door maintenance, rust prevention, and rust removal for garage doors.

Garage Door Rust

Rust is more than just an unsightly addition to your garage door. Rust can cause potentially serious issues for your garage door and garage door mechanism. Rust is corrosive, which means it weakens and breaks down the metal of your garage door and garage door mechanisms, making them less durable and even less functional. Left untreated, garage door rust can compromise your entire garage door system. Further, rust in your garage door mechanism can create creaking, squeaking, clunking, and other scary sounding noises as your garage door operates.

Preventing Rust

The best way to prevent rust is to choose galvanized materials for your garage door. Galvanized metal is dipped in a zinc solution that resists rust and other forms of corrosion. Be sure that your garage door utilizes galvanized metal and that any replacement parts you use are also galvanized.

To prevent rust on your garage door panels, paint the panels with an even coat of latex-based paint. Be sure to get the sides and edges of your garage door panels as well, to prevent moisture and rust. Your garage door panels should be repainted every 1-2 years to ensure continued protection against rust.

Lubricating your garage door mechanism is another way to prevent rust and other buildup. Clean your garage door mechanism first with gentle soap, then apply a thin layer of an oil lubricant such as household oil or WD-40. This will prevent scratching which can invite rust. Apply lubricant every 4-6 months or as needed to prevent rust.

Garage Door Rust Removal

First begin by cleaning the entire area affected by rust with a mild detergent and dry thoroughly. Once clean, take the time to carefully sand down the rust. This will take a lot of work and finesse, especially if the rust is in hard-to-reach places. Use sandpaper or a power sander if you can access it. Once all the rust is removed, carefully wipe and dry all moisture. Then prime and paint to prevent further rust damage.

For all of your garage door needs – resurface, repair, replacement – call Garage Door Man.


Bug-Proofing Your Garage

The garage is an important storage zone for your home, as well as a functional space for your cars, toys, and gear. However, the garage can also become breeding grounds for bugs and creepy crawlies. Your garage door opens multiple times a day, and your cars and bikes drag in dirt and other debris. If food or crumbs are dropped, it can be an even more appealing space for critters. Keeping bugs out of your garage can be important for keeping your kids safe, eliminating webs, and minimizing damage to the storage in your garage.

Garage Door Man wants to help you create the perfect garage to meet your needs, and that includes keeping it clean and bug-free. We are here today to give you some helpful tips for bug-proofing your garage for spring and summer.

Bug-Proofing Your Garage For Spring and Summer

Start Clean. Begin by removing all of your belongings from the garage on a sunny Saturday. It’s important to start with a totally empty garage since bugs and attractive elements can be hidden all around your garage.

  • Sweep Away. Sweep out all dirt and crumbs from your garage floor, then be sure to sweep off spider webs and debris from your wall junctions, corners, and the fixtures of your garage door mechanism.
  • Seal Holes. Bugs can find their way into your garage through the tiniest of holes and nearly invisible cracks. Take this opportunity in a clean, empty garage to identify any cracks, holes, or damage. Use caulk to seal off any holes or damage to prevent bugs from entering and setting up shop in your garage. Put new weatherstripping or rubber seal on the bottom of your garage door to keep any bugs from sneaking under.
  • Repairs. Any standing water will attract bugs and create mold. Check for any plumbing leaks or issues with your water spigots and have them repaired. If you are concerned about the functionality of your garage door, call Garage Door Man for repair or replacement of your garage door.
  • Spray & Prevent! Spray the baseboard of your garage and the exterior of your home with insect repellant. You can get bug repellant at a home improvement store or you can call an insect control company to service your home regularly. Consider placing bug traps in the corners of your garage and anywhere you saw bugs when cleaning out your space.
  • Airtight Storage. If you store food, dog food, barbecue supplies, coolers, or anything else with a food smell, it’s important to seal these in airtight containers. Use plastic tubs, metal bins, or plastic bags to contain anything that will attract bugs.

Keeping your garage bug-free is easy, and helps maintain the cleanliness of your garage and storage. It’s well worth the time and effort to keep your garage in pristine conditions since it will save you time, effort, repairs, and gross cleanup in the future. Garage Door Man stands ready to help you with any garage updates, repairs, or maximizing your garage space.


How To Childproof Your Garage

The garage can be a fun place for kids. There are toys, tools, bugs, places to hide, and more. Unfortunately, the garage can be a downright dangerous place for kids. No matter the age of your kids you might consider assessing your garage for its safety. This time of year is exactly the right moment to make your garage a little safer as you complete your spring cleaning. You’ll be clearing out grime and dirt and snowblowers, so take a few extra minutes to childproof that garage to keep your children safe.

1. Test the Sensor

Try tripping the sensor line when the garage door is descending. Does it immediately stop? Or does it take a few seconds? Does it work all the way across the garage? If you are noticing any issues with your garage door sensor, Garage Door Man can repair or tune-up with just a phone call. Another thing to test is the accessibility of the garage door opener and any manual toggles. Can your kids reach the garage door opener by themselves? If so, you might want to consider moving the garage door opener or tying up any dangling parts so that kids can’t access any parts of the garage.

2. Lock Anything Large

One of the most frequent ways kids get hurt in a garage is by climbing into large objects that open. Suffocation, getting stuck, pinching, and falling in or out of these opening objects can be very dangerous. This means cars should be locked, and childproofing locks should be placed on fridges, washing machines, dryers, containers, or cabinets. Not only do you want to discourage climbing, but you also want to be sure that kids don’t get stuck inside any of these objects.

3. Store Smart

Where do you keep chemicals and heavy tools? Too many parents store them on the floor or on a low bench, or even hanging from hooks within children’s reach. Just because your kids have never tried to play with these dangerous items, doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. All it takes is one day of boredom, or a new neighbor venturing into the garage with them to inspire a game with the garden hose as a sword or mixing up colorful bottles of who knows what. Instead, take some time to hang a high shelf or two in your garage for storing chemicals, any dangerous tools, and anything else that you don’t want your kids getting into.

Your spring cleaning should include careful inspection of your garage to keep everyone in your home safe and to protect your important equipment. If you need help assuring the safety and effectiveness of your garage door, call Garage Door Man. We can provide repairs, tune-ups, upgrades, and general consultations for your garage door needs. Whether you’re concerned about a clunky garage door or considering a more modern and effective garage door, we stand ready to help you with any garage door questions or concerns.