Insulating Your Garage: What You Need To Know

No matter what the weather is like outside, the temperature of your garage will usually follow the same pattern. If it’s cold out, your garage might even be colder than the rest of your house. Garages are a problem area for most homeowners because temperature control is challenging, and your electricity bills are bound to inflate because of it. Keep on reading to learn how you can insulate your garage. 

Benefits of Insulating Your Garage

The most notable benefit of insulating your garage is being able to manage its temperature better. How many times have you entered your garage and immediately started shaking from how cold it was? By insulating it, it will be the same temperature as the rest of your house. Best of all, you’ll notice energy savings every month. 

One of the lesser-known benefits is it can help create a quiet environment. If you live in a busy neighborhood, garage insulation will block out traffic noises and any chatter you don’t want to hear. If you use your garage as a workshop or as a music studio, insulation will also keep the noise indoors so that you won’t bother your neighbors. It’s a win for everyone!

Areas You Can Insulate

There are three main areas you can insulate, which are the garage door, walls, and ceiling. 

  1. Garage door insulation: The garage door is the largest in your house, and if you insulate it, it will keep your entire house warm. It’s also the cheapest area to insulate. You can turn this into a DIY project and buy a pre-made garage door insulation kit that will have everything you need. This project will only take a few hours to complete, and it will save you thousands of dollars in the future. 

The downside to buying a pre-made kit is they’re not customizable. You’ll be using one that may not come with enough insulation materials to complete your project, especially if you have a two-car garage. 

  1. Garage wall insulation: Adding insulation to your walls will be a more complicated project. By law, every garage must be built with insulated walls to reduce the probability of a fire hazard. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with adding another layer of insulation, mainly because they’re not built to be airtight; this means your walls have air gaps to the outdoors. 
  2. Garage ceiling insulation: The most challenging area to insulate is your ceiling, but it’s worth a shot to maximize your energy savings. Consider insulating the ceiling if you have an upstairs bedroom directly above the garage; otherwise, it will experience the wrath of the weather outside. You’ll need to consider the airflow and gauge if condensation will build-up, so it’s best to hire a professional. 

Contact The Garage Door Man

Insulating your garage is a must, but you’ll probably have a lot of questions along the way. The experts at The Garage Door Man can answer all your garage-related questions and inspect your door at a competitive price. Contact us for a fast, dependable garage door service you can trust!

Turn Your Garage into a Woodshop

Garages are the perfect room to store tools and equipment, but they’re not the ideal room to build your next project in. However, you can turn your garage into the woodshop of your dreams with a few adjustments. Operating your woodshop from the comfort of your home is both cost-efficient and profitable, as you’ll be able to perfect the craft of woodworking. Woodworking is a fun hobby you can learn to build your furniture or toys for your children. There’s a high demand for quality woodwork projects, so you can even rake in extra cash for your creations. 

Once you transform your garage into a woodshop, you’ll be able to take on wood projects of any size. Keep reading to find out how you can turn your garage into a woodshop. 

Clean Your Garage

You’re probably used to using your garage as a storage unit, but if you’re serious about opening a woodshop, you’ll have to create as much space as possible. If you keep bicycles, boxes, and other large items in your garage, you’ll have to store them away elsewhere. Consider renting out a storage unit or purchasing a shed. Alternately, you can split your garage into zones and dedicate half of the garage’s space to your woodshop. Make use of vertical storage and install shelves to your garage’s walls. You’ll be able to place your trinkets, books, and other small items on your shelves, which will maximize your woodshop’s space. 

Design Your Workbench

Every woodshop needs a workbench because that’s where the magic happens. You can buy a workbench from your local hardware store, but if you’re feeling crafty, you can build your own workbench. Whichever route you choose, make sure your table’s base and legs are sturdy. Avoid investing in a workbench that can easily be knocked over, as you don’t want to deal with a workbench that breaks down in the middle of one of your projects. 

Make sure the top of your workbench is durable and not easily dented. Once you build or buy your workbench, keep your table clean, as maintaining a clean surface will inspire you to create countless projects. 

Invest in Tool Storage

The star of any garage woodshop is the tool. As the primary investment in your woodshop, you should protect your tools with a high-quality tool chest to keep your belongings organized. If you’re buying a used toolbox, check for rust and dirt, which will destroy your tools. Once you find the perfect toolkit, install drawer mats to prevent your tools from rolling around the inside of the box. Use a sturdy pegboard to store any tools that require quick access. 

Set up Adequate Lighting

Garages are dark compared to the other rooms in your house. Install bright lights and consider adding a window to your garage if you don’t already have one. Keep a flashlight and spare batteries inside your toolbox. 

Once you turn your garage into a woodshop, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. Make sure your garage door complements your woodshop. If you’re looking to replace your old garage door, contact The Garage Door Man today. 

Importance of Keeping Your Garage Clean

Winter is closing in, so you may be using your garage more to keep snow off your vehicle, but if your garage is so cluttered, you can’t fit it in, it’s time to clean and organize. You must keep your garage clean for more reasons than one. Read about why keeping your garage clean should be a top priority.

Prevents Injuries

Injuries from a messy garage happen more than you think. Loose objects, such as bikes, toys, boxes, etc. increase your risk of falls. And, if you place boxes haphazardly around, they could fall on someone and injure them. Keeping things organized helps prevent accidents. If you work in your garage with tools, mainly electric, you must have a clean working environment to avoid accidents.

Increases Peace of mind

Studies show cluttered home results in a cluttered mind; your garage is no different. If you use your garage for more than just vehicles and storage, such as with shop projects, having a clean, organized garage aids in your mood and concentration. 

Offers More Space

Small homes can benefit the most from a clean and organized garage. Those with more modest households may complain about how there’s not enough space; however, when they clean their garages, space opens up. 

Reduces Potential Costly Damages

Dangerous objects can be a safety hazard in a garage, resulting in leakage, fires, or other accidents that can affect your whole home. Plus, a dirty garage attracts rodents, which then chew on your things, even electrical cords; this can cause fire hazards. You could end up losing relevant documents due to the pesky rodents.

Provides Enjoyment and Reduces Stress

Stress from a cluttered home is no way to live. Don’t extend that to your garage, or it will feel like an impossible task to clean. If your home is cluttered, clean it first. Then, move to your garage, putting everything against the walls and going through your garage, little by little. Having a clean and organized garage will look aesthetically pleasing and be enjoyable in which to work.

Ways to Clean Your Garage

Here are some great ways to help with cleaning and organizing your garage:

  • Start with a thorough cleaning.
  • Clean any law equipment and garden tools and put them in one place.
  • Repair or replace door seals.
  • Install an air filtration system to control dust and dirt.
  • Seal the concrete slab.
  • Change the HVAC filter.
  • Invest in sturdy boxes or containers to put toys or tools in.
  • Consider installing shelves, so everything has a place.
  • Put a fresh coat of paint on the door.

You will see your attitude change when you walk inside a clean and organized garage. If your garage needs repairs or if you need a new garage door, contact The Garage Door Man. We can help repair, install, or maintain garage doors, so call us for a FREE estimate!


Signs You Need to Update Your Garage Door

A garage door is a resistant part of your home that doesn’t get enough credit. Garage doors keep your home insulated, protect your home from intruders, provide privacy, and they increase the value of your property. However, garage doors have a lifespan; although a garage door can stay in working condition for several years, every door will have to be replaced at some point. 

Do you find yourself regularly hearing unpleasant noises that are coming from your garage door? It’s time to replace your esteemed door. Moreover, your old garage door might be missing safety features—which are a necessity if your kids are always running around. Here are some tips to help you decide if it’s time to invest in a new garage door. 

An Unappealing Door

Do your neighbors scoff each time they walk past your house? Chances are, they’re tired of looking at your old garage door. While everyone else in the neighborhood is showing off a more modern door, you’re stuck with an archaic door that’s hard to miss eyesore. Statistically speaking, garage doors usually take up 40% of a home’s exterior. Why would you subject your neighbors and other passersby to a dated garage door? Installing an automatic garage door will instantly increase your property’s value and make your home look more inviting. 

Strange Noises

Garage doors should smoothly slide up and down without making odd noises. Noises should be taken seriously, as they are more than an inconvenience. Strange noises are an indication of a more significant issue that must be taken care of. Grinding, crunching, squeaking, and grating noises are your door’s way of letting you know that it needs to be replaced. 

Decrease in Functionality

Wear and tear is bound to show on your garage door as the years go by. Dents build up over time due to several factors, such as nearby activities and rough weather. Springs are only meant to function for about 10,000 cycles. Don’t normalize a garage door that frequently breaks down—you shouldn’t ever have to fear opening your garage door. Even if your garage door functions properly every other day, this is still no excuse to not invest in a new door. 

Lack of Safety Features

New garage doors are nothing like the doors from a few decades ago—and that’s a good thing! Modern doors provide insulation to keep the cold out and the heat in. Weatherstrips, bottom seals, and sealing joints all work together to fight off the strong wind that’s trying to enter your home. Some garage doors even come with built-in safety features that reduce the risk of fingers catching under your garage door as you’re closing it. Make sure that the new garage door you invest in comes with all of these features, as these are the hallmarks of a quality door. 

If you notice any of the negative qualities of an ancient garage door, don’t ignore the potential problems they can lead to. The Garage Door Man is fully equipped to install your new garage door, and we offer 27/7 services. Contact us today. 

Can Garage Door Openers Be Hacked?

Hacking occurs when someone identifies a weakness in computer systems or networks and exploits this weakness to gain access. An example of hacking is when someone uses a password cracking algorithm to gain access to a system. Network hacking isn’t just some cool technique that you see in spy films; it’s a real practice that comes with serious ramifications. It’s all fun and games until one of your systems is hacked.

Believe it or not, your garage door opener can be hacked into—just like your computer. Virtually any garage door opener can be hacked. 

Infiltrated Garages Lead to Infiltrated Homes

Let’s get this out of the way—even if a sophisticated security system protects your home, you still run the risk of being hacked. Security systems are usually better at giving us the illusion of being safe rather than keeping us safe. This is not to say that security systems are obsolete, but rather to let you know that you should always keep your guard up. 

It was easier to tell if your garage was broken into in years past. A broken garage padlock was your first telltale sign of someone tampering with it. Stolen passwords and codes don’t leave obvious traces as a physical lock does. Modern garage door openers are electronic devices, and they are vulnerable to an attack. 

You may be thinking to yourself, “So what? It’s just a garage door.” Shift your way of thinking now. Understand that if someone compromises the biggest port of entry to your home, they now have access to the rest of your house. Most homeowners keep valuables, memorabilia, and large, expensive items in their garage. 

Hacked Garage Door Incidents

So, how do these hackers even gain access to your garage door? Recently, a cybersecurity expert discovered that garage doors that use an insecure fixed code system could easily be bypassed. This expert-created his own device called OpenSesame, which can try any possible passcode combination for a garage door in a matter of seconds. He used an old toy to make his device. Thieves are now discovering ways to remotely open garage doors from the comfort of their own home. What’s the bottom line? Anything connected to a network can be hacked. 

Measures to Help Secure Your Garage

One of the most effective ways to better secure your garage is to use rolling code technology in your system. For people who don’t have access to rolling code technology, here are other police recommended methods of better improving your garage’s security. 

If you go on vacation, unplug your garage door opener unit or use a vacation lock on the wall console switch. This is an optional accessory on some garage door openers. 

Treat your garage door opener like a house key. Never leave your door’s remote control in your car or with a parking attendant. Don’t trust anyone outside of your family with your remote. 

Invest in a wireless keypad and activate the garage door opener with a personal pin. Avoid writing your pin on a piece of paper. 

Take care of your garage the same way you take care of the rest of your home. When was the last time you had a garage door check-up? The Garage Door Man offers routine checks at a competitive price. Contact us today.