DIY Garage Door Repair: Good Idea or Terrible Idea?

When you need a garage door repair, you may be tempted to try the do-it-yourself method – especially if you’re the handy homeowner type.

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But, no matter how tempted you may be, some parts of this equipment must be handled by a professional garage door contractor. Otherwise, you risk costly damages or even a serious injury.

Typical Garage Door Repair Problems

When the door to your garage fails, the problem may be something as simple as broken cable or roller wheel, or even a dead battery in your opener remote. But it may also be something as dangerous and complex as a broken torsion spring.

Because sensitive electronic components control the operation of the equipment, a faulty obstacle sensor or photo eye may be to blame for your problems.

Many customers experience problems with automatic opener systems, especially if their system is older. Although your problem may be as simple as a popped breaker, the issue may just as easily be located in the drive system.

DIY Garage Door Repairs You Should Never Do

The biggest DIY garage door repair no-no involves the torsion springs. This means no do-it-yourself tightening, adjusting or even lubricating. A worn spring can suddenly snap if mess with it all, even to apply lubrication.

Because a falling door can cause significant injury and damage to your vehicle, call a professional for any problems with roller wheels, tracks or cables.

To ensure the safety of your family and pets, don’t attempt to repair electronic sensors or any part of your automatic opener system. If something goes wrong, the equipment may fail, leaving you stranded inside or out. But the bigger concern is that a faulty sensor could result in 2,000 lbs. of door falling on your vehicle or a family member.

DIY Garage Door Repairs You Can Do

The best DIY work you can do for your door isn’t repair at all – it’s maintenance.

If you are proactive about maintaining your door, you can avoid many major repairs. That starts with a monthly visual inspection of all its moving parts. Look for any rust that may be developing, because this is the best early warning of problems to come- especially on the torsion spring(s). Also look for any noticeably worn parts or frayed cables.

Open and close the door, watching the roller wheels to see if they are moving straight in the tracks. If they wobble, they’re due for tightening. Check all the screws and fasteners to verify that they are tightly secured. Finally, clean the photo eye sensors and test the safety features of your equipment.

Professional garage door maintenance is another important step for extending the life of your door. You can’t maintain certain components without the necessary specialty tools. Having annual maintenance from a professional will also help prevent catastrophic (and damaging) failure.

In Northern Utah, the Garage Door Man provides expert sales, installation and maintenance of doors and automatic opener systems. Contact us to schedule a professional inspection and periodic maintenance. Don’t risk a dangerous DIY garage door repair on your own.