Don’t Wait too Long to Replace Garage Door Springs


Did you know that your garage door springs should be replaced periodically? The length of time between replacements will vary depending on your use, but many homeowners are unaware of this necessary maintenance chore. Failure to maintain or replace the springs when necessary can pose a danger to your family, your pets and your vehicles.

Why Is it Dangerous?

Garage torsion springs endure an especially high level of tension because they are so tightly wound. Over time, especially without regular maintenance, this tension will wear down the springs and potentially cause them to break. A breaking spring could strike a person or cause the door to collapse on you or your car. This can result in serious injury or, at the very least, cost a lot in repairs.

Beware of Sagging

An early sign of trouble to come is a sagging spring. Examine your springs regularly to ensure they are still tightly coiled together. When the door is open, the coils will separate and straighten. When the door is closed, the coils should spring back together tightly. If they do not or if you notice them sagging when the door opens, the springs have lost their retention and must be replaced immediately.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

You can help your garage door springs last longer by maintaining them properly. They will still require replacement eventually, but you will delay this process (potentially by years) by having regular professional service. A professional torsion spring service involves applying lubricating oil along the top of the spring, from one end to the other, cleaning debris and grease from the roller tracks, and adjusting the torsion to appropriate levels.

Torsion Spring Replacement

If you notice signs of wear, make sure to have your springs replaced immediately. Besides watching for sagging, take special notice if the door becomes difficult to open. Try to open and close your garage door manually. If you have trouble or need to yank or pull on the door, the springs are likely wearing out. Alternatively, if the door won’t stay up when it is open and slides down or falls, the springs should be replaced.

Replacing torsion springs requires specialized knowledge and equipment, and is not a do-it-yourself project.

When the time comes for torsion spring repair or replacement, call on an experienced professional garage door contractor. In the Salt Lake City area, Utah’s Garage Door Man is your locally owned and operated specialist. Contact them today for all of your door and opener needs, including garage door spring service and replacement.