Garage Door Repair for Noise

Need repair for a noisy garage door?

Sometimes excessive noise can be a sign that something’s seriously wrong, while other times it’s just a nuisance.

garage door repair

Most of the time, noisy garage doors are caused by tired rollers, hardware that’s come loose or parts that simply need a little lubrication.

Garage doors can get noisy suddenly, or may get louder over time. During a seasonal maintenance check, your local garage door repair person should be able to spot early signs of trouble.

You can see if the fix is simple by tightening all the parts, or having a garage door repair team do it for you. All bolts and nuts should fit tightly, and while you’re at it, keep an eye out for parts that are obviously worn. Replacing parts such as springs is common. Once all parts are checked and tightened, spray them with a special garage door lubricator.

Still have noisy doors? It’s time to bring in the garage door repair pros to figure out the cause.

Get Garage Door Repair Fast

Over-tightened nuts and bolts or other parts can also lead to problems, which is why it’s always best to have a seasonal maintenance check. A professional garage door repair team will look at the hinges and rollers to check for wear.

A lot of rollers with bearings that aren’t sealed will fail after a few years. Dirt and debris stuck in the rollers can exacerbate this wear and tear. In some cases, the wear is so extreme that the rollers shake when they move!

If you need new rollers, consider an upgrade. Nylon rollers, or any sealed rollers, will last longer and reduce noise.

By design, nylon rollers are quieter and don’t need to be oiled regularly. Of course, they cost more than traditional steel rollers, but many homeowners consider them a worthy investment. If this isn’t the first time you’ve had new rollers recommended to you, nylon is a great idea.

Easy Does It

Track rollers should always be swapped out one at a time. A garage door repair team knows this, but it’s an absolute must if you really want to try this yourself. Doors with torsion springs in particular can be dangerous to replace. The rollers on bottom brackets rely on intense pressure and can seriously hurt someone if they’re unbolted incorrectly. Only a garage door repair expert should attempt this.

You might also have worn hinges, not rollers, on your hands. Worn-out hinges aren’t as common, but they do pop up occasionally. When hinges wear out, they are very noisy and can lead to bending and wear of the door’s tongue-and-groove joints. You should expect some give with the hinge, but seeing a hole where the hinge pin meets the bracket is a sign that you need new hinges. Look for metal shavings and gray dust, too (a sign of early wear).

To save time and stress, call the Garage Door Man at the first sign of a noisy door, and get an expert on site, pronto.