Garage Door Spring Replacement: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Like to do DIY maintenance? Leave garage door spring replacement in the hands of the pros to ensure your safety. While there are many aspects of garage door upkeep that you can manage, even if you are handy, working with garage door springs is inherently risky.

High Tension, High Risk

Your springs handle as much as 90% of the work when your garage door raises and lowers. Because they are under tension, they work efficiently. When the springs wear out and are able to handle the tension, they may break free from the brackets fixing them to the garage door, get out of balance, or even break which can set free a coil of whirling metal that could damage anyone or anything nearby during the failure. In addition, if the springs let loose, they can send a 400-pound door crashing to the ground without the benefit of the safety features that prevent the door from accidentally lowering on an obstacle in its way.

Replacing springs by yourself might save about $250, but the risk you assume is hardly worth it. For this reason, even very experienced DIYers call in a professional if their springs need more than periodic spraying with lubricant. Seeing cracks or other damage is a sure sign that the springs need evaluation and possible replacement.

The Problems with DIY Garage Door Spring Replacement

Why is spring repair so dangerous and difficult?

When your door moves slowly, you may assume that the problem is due to the motor, when it is really the springs. You could waste time and money replacing the wrong part.

The cables which assist in door operation are attached to springs and can become worn, broken, tangled, or slip off their drums after continued use, which makes the door stick. As they are under heavy tension, they need a professional to diagnose and repair the problem quickly by replacing them with safety cables that can keep the springs in line.

Knowing the right size for replacement springs can be hard to determine for many DIYers. A professional knows how to evaluate the wire size, inside diameter, and length for each spring, so that they can purchase the right replacement the first time.

Professional garage door and repair service personnel know how to deal with spring tension safely, while most DIYers do not, which is why many retailers are unwilling to sell springs to amateurs.

Removing the old springs before adding the new one poses additional challenges. Old springs that are been in position for years may be hard to remove without plenty of banging and lubricant; when they are finally loosened, they can easily get out of control.

The Garage Door Man can send its professional team to safely examine and take care of garage door spring replacement when you need.