How To Spring Clean Your Garage

As we look forward to spring, our thoughts turn to ditching that winter grime that builds up in colder weather. Our poor garages often take the brunt, housing the cars that cruise in caked in muddy slush and ice, and enduring the rock salt, snow blowers, and dirty boots. When you start to get more rainy days than snowy ones, it’s time to start looking at your garage so you can find those gardening tools when you’re ready.

Garage Door Man is passionate about making your garages beautiful AND functional, so today we’re sharing a foolproof way to tackle your spring cleaning with your garage. Grab a notepad and let’s get started.

  1. Think About It. When was the last time you truly thought about your garage? Is it meeting your needs? What is it primarily used for? Spring is a great time to change the way you furnish and use your garage to better meet your needs. For example, if you keep using your garage space as a workshop for your handyman experiments, maybe it’s time to invest in a bona fide workbench. Or maybe your kids are getting increasingly involved in sports and you really need more storage space for all of their gear in your garage. Spend some time identifying needs and problem spots.
  2. Empty. Keep an eye on the weather and wait for the warmest day yet. Pull your cars out of the garage and start emptying the space. Throw away everything you can, and categorize the rest on your yard or in your driveway.
  3. Clean. While your spouse or family organizes and cleans the garage items (washing coats, reorganizing toolboxes), set to work sweeping your garage floor. Don’t forget to tackle spiderwebs in all corners of your garage and the garage door track and mechanism. Spray it out with a power washer or hose attachment.
  4. Optimize. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders in your garage, especially if it’s just untouched drywall. Invest in wall hooks, shelves, or hanging storage that will help you get the most out of your garage. Could adding windows to your garage door or walls benefit your garage activities? What about a smart garage door opener or security features? Take the steps now to make your garage work even harder for you.
  5. Checkup. Are your locks working? Any cracks in your floor? Is your garage door working? Does it glide smoothly along the track? Is it loud or clunky? Before you move everything back in, assess the garage space and features. Now is a great time to replace the batteries in your garage door opener and inspect the moving elements of your garage door system. If you would like a professional to come perform a simple checkup on your garage door system or to consult about your garage door needs (new styles, windows, etc.) Garage Door Man is the perfect place to start.

We wish you luck in your spring cleaning and stand ready to help you tackle your garage needs.