Programming Garage Door Remote Controls

Garage Door Remote

Programming garage door remote controls, while inevitable for most homeowners, can be a confusing project. Remotes get lost, batteries fail, dogs chew them up and eventually you will have to figure out how to program a new one. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the process of resetting or replacing your garage door remote.

Program Garage Door Openers with DIP Switches

Older systems use a series of tiny levers, called DIP switches, for programming. The DIPs (usually 8-12 switches) can normally be found on the rear of the opener, meaning you will need a ladder and a pen or other small tool to operate the switches. Inside the remote you will find the same number of switches. Arrange both sets of switches in the same pattern and your opener should work. If it doesn’t, check the batteries in the remote and verify that the DIP switch patterns match exactly. If you have a security concern, select a new code by changing the switch pattern on both the remote and the opener. Use a random pattern that would be hard to guess or duplicate for maximum security.

Program Garage Door Openers with Rolling Frequencies

This process works for most new models of automatic openers Locate the “learn” button on the opener body using a ladder. Press and release the “learn” button, then press and hold the button on the remote control. Wait for the opener’s light to flash or listen for an audible click. If you have a security concern (like your original remote being stolen), press the “learn” button down for about six seconds or until the button’s indicator light goes out. At that time, all prior programming will have been erased. Program new remotes as described above.

Adding Your Garage Door Opener to Your Vehicle

Newer vehicles allow you to program your automatic opener directly into the car’s computer system, eliminating the need to carry your remote control. Your owner’s manual provides the specifics for the basic programming but may leave out a critical last step. As a safety precaution, newer automatic remotes require you to program the opener to recognize your vehicle. This process requires a helper on a ladder to press the “learn” button on the opener. Program your car’s opener button first. Then, while you hold the opener button in the vehicle, have your helper press and quickly release the “learn” button. The light will flash and your helper may hear an audible click to indicate success.

If these procedures don’t work, contact you’re the Garage Door Man to assist you in programming your garage door remote properly.