Salt Lake City Garage Door Repair

Your garage doors are the prime entrance and exit for many in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s what keeps your vehicles safe, it’s where you house valuables and storage items, and for a number of people it’s the main access point in and out of the home. The Garage Door Man has been Salt Lake City’s top garage door installation and repair service for well over 15 years, and during that time we’ve honed our skill sets and approaches to meet the unique needs of our neighbors. Our mission is easy—make sure you have the best garage doors that are 100 percent functioning.

It sounds a lot easier than it is. Just like many other parts of a home, there can be bugs in the system. Maybe your garage door opener isn’t acting right, perhaps the sensors are starting to play a game of Russian roulette or maybe the springs are on their last leg. Garage doors need routine maintenance, especially in a city with four seasons like Salt Lake City, and that’s our specialty.

We’re On Your Side

The Garage Door Man doesn’t “just” offer the biggest selection of state of the art garage doors in beautiful aluminum and wood. We’re also committed to ensuring your existing garage doors are at their best to keep you and your property safe. There’s 24-hour emergency services, so you can rest easy knowing we’re on call for you any time, day or night. We get that sometimes urgent situations pop up, like when your teen misjudges their parking skills in the driveway.

However, we also offer the most comprehensive inspections in all of Salt Lake City with fast, thorough and flawless repairs. Whether you need an annual inspection to be on the safe side or suspect you need a serious repair, The Garage Door Man will take care of you and yours.