Is it Time for a New Garage Door Opener?

New Garage Door Opener

When your garage door opener no longer does the job, what should you do? Your first thought might be to replace it with a new model, but that may be premature. There are several factors that can be wrong with your garage door opener that you may be able to figure out yourself or that a garage door repair service man can easily tell you.

What to Check with a Problematic Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener consists of a motorized unit that controls the opening and closing function, and a handheld transmitter or remote. If your door does not open with the transmitter, the problem could be with either part.

For starters, your opener system is powered by electricity, while your remote operates with batteries. The problem you have may be very basic. If your power is discontinued or if have a problem with your power, with your power, your opener will not work or work intermittently. If the batteries are bad in ether your handheld remotes or the transmitter unit on the garage wall, the system will not work.

Diagnosing Garage Door Openers

If there are no issues with either your motor or transmitter power source, a technician can check this on your garage door opener:

  • If the door doesn’t open, but the door opener continues to run, the problem may be that the disconnect switch has been accidentally disabled by unhooking it.
  • If your door goes up and down randomly, something may be pressing on one of your transmitters to make that happen. Your unit may also be responding to a neighbor’s opener if it is on the same frequency.
  • If the door closes part way then opens again, the problem may be with debris on the tracks of the door,
  • If the door hits the floor and opens again, there may be a problem with the settings on the limit switches of your transmitter. The technician can reset the open and close limits.

If the door exhibits other problems, the technician will check parts of your garage door, such as your springs and cables responsible for their movement. If either of these are bad, the answer lies in replacing them. If he ascertains that the problem is with the transmitter, he can replace it for you.

Is Your Capacitator Shot?

One common problem with garage door openers is that the capacitor in the motor goes bad. The capacitor is a type of fuse that contains wiring and also paper. If the capacitor loses its seal or something else causes the wires to heat up, the paper begins to catch fire and the unit might smoke and make a whistling sound. A technician usually comes to a service call well prepared to replace the capacitors in most brands and models of openers. If changing the capacitor doesn’t solve the problem, the opener may need replacing.

If the mechanical parts of your garage are working properly and replacing the capacitor does not solve the problem, you need to buy a new opener. Openers made in the last five years should last up to 15 years, so the older your opener is, the more likely it is to have problems. Although buying a new unit can be costly, you may find the features offered by newer garage door openers to be quite appealing.

If you are having problems with your garage door opener or your door itself, call the Garage Door Man of Utah for analysis and a new door or opener.